Monday, June 11, 2007

Dubai Seenu in Hyderabad

Starring: Ravi Teja,Nayanatara
Director: Seenu Vytla
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Dubai Seenu is the latest movie that hit the theaters last week. If not for Ravi Teja, no other hero could have pulled this plot off. Hero Ravi Teja’s dialogue delivery and casual acting style are the two things which keep the audiences tied throughout the film.

As we can expect from the title, this is a story of a group of friends who dream to go to Dubai and earn big. Their dreams are shattered when a guy ?(venu Madhav) cheats the gang and leaves them clueless in Mumbai. Patnaik (Krishna Bhagavan) comes to their rescue and inspires the guys to set up business. So, why Patnaik gives them money and what he makes these guys do is a track that audience can enjoy.

Mean while Madhu (Nayana Tara) is a RJ in Radio Mirchi, a FM Radio Station. Why Madhu comes to Mumbai? Why Seenu helps Madhu? And what's the relation between the heroine, hero and the bad man is a story that goes through few serious twists.

One thing that is steady and entertaining in the movie is the comedy tracks which come one after another. Some scenes will remind us of Anandam and Venkey, but the director tried his very best to show them differently. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam's role as Radio Station head and MS Narayana as Film Star "Salman Raju" were good.

When it comes to the songs, they were not much appealing. But one or two are worth an ear. One thing that the director tried different in this movie is to include the characters of the story in few of the songs. Small stint by Sunil in the title song is awesome.

Sushant Singh as bad Guy did an exceptional work. After the interval couple of twists will twist you but the comedy track jumping back now and then will relieve us from the stress of the twists. Not to mention we get to see some other actors from the industry in some roles, I mean in between the twists. It's better you see them on screen itself.

Casual dialogues, much more ease of delivery of dialogues by Ravi Teja and comedy tracks right from the start till the end are major plus for the movie.

Overall I can say I feel this is an above average movie and if you want to have some fun and laugh heartily, give it a shot.

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