Monday, June 4, 2007

Rain God's are back!!

I clicked these photographs from my home yesterday night i.e, Sunday June 3'rd 2007

After being burned by the blistering Sun all these days, I have been waiting for monsoons from long time. For me and all those who had enough of the Sun, and wanted some cool zephyr pass by the pores on their skin, this weekend was a bit of relief.

In spite of the Sun showing his strength in the mornings, the evenings were comparatively cooler with lots of wind and showers here and there.

Are the Rain God's back with a bang? I guess so!! Yesterday night was a fiesta of lights and sounds in the sky. I could not resist taking my "Third Eye"(My Camera) and my newly acquired tripod to chase these lights in the sky.

Among many clicks I got, only in two shots I got to get the lightning. I was thrilled to see the outcome and my sprit to chase the lightning increased. So these clicks were the best thing happened to me over this weekend and I wish to click more of these in the coming season.

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Anonymous said...

Nice shots!!