Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Have you Googled it?

This is the question most people ask now a days if you ask them something. It has become a slang which is most popular these days. You can search of anything from Cooking recipes to Photos, White papers, Code, Downloads, News, Books, Universities, Blogs :-) ..Tips on anything....and more........and more.

To brief up you can search for absolutely anything under the Sun!! Ooops, that is wrong. You can search for anything under anything. This has become so popular that the word "Googled" was added to Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and Merriam-Webster in 2006. The meaning they gave for Googled is "to use the Google search engine to seek online information".

Google is the best self help that have happened to us. So if you dont know anything, just Google it!! You want to know for what company Bharani Surineni became youngest CEO. Just Google it!!...Kidding..........!!!!

Below are few of the Search options you have from Google:

Blog Search - Find blogs on your favorite topics

Book Search - Search the full text of books

Directory - Browse the web by topic

Images - Search for images on the web

Scholar - Search scholarly papers

Specialized Searches - Search within specific topics

University Search - Search a specific school's website

One thing you have to learn is giving right key words while Googling. This has to come by practice and as we keep on Googling we will come to know how to refine our key words. So, what are you waiting for? Happy Googling!!!

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