Tuesday, June 12, 2007

People - Some who care and some who think who cares?

I guess I have mentioned couple of times that I would have to travel 17 Kilometers from home to reach work. No.No..this time its not the traffic which made my mind tickle(I guess I got used to it).

During this daily journey of one hour plus duration, I get to see various characters/instances and situations.

Yesterday when I was waiting for the signal to turn green at Ameerpet cross roads, I saw a physically handicapped person on the other side of the road having a hard time to cross the road. Poor guy! Most of the times, it is very difficult for a physically normal person to cross the road in Hyderabad. I couldn’t even imagine the plight of that guy.

At that moment a traffic cop, like god he came to the rescue. He stopped the traffic, which other wise would not stop even seeing such person in difficulty. He made the man cross till half the way and then handed the responsibility of making the man cross the other half to a traffic constable while this cop controlled the traffic. While these two "God's" were helping the man I could see the affection, willingness to help and selfless act of humanity. I could see a perfect execution of duty and humanity.

I was very much pleased with the visual delight I had. One thing that came to my mind is what are we doing? Working day and night for MNC's, getting fat salaries. What are we giving to the society? If not balance, are we even doing a little bit that we can to make this world a better place?

Today on my journey to work, I experienced totally opposite feelings to what I got yesterday. As usual I was stuck in a traffic jam, suddenly I herd a siren and when I looked back it was a ambulance.

No one was bothered to give way to the ambulance. Everyone were just looking for gaps to shove in their vehicles so that they can reach their destinations quicker. At that moment I got a strong aversion towards these people who have hearts of stone. I wished I had a power to kick ass all these people and give way to the ambulance. How does it matter if one drives a Mercedes/BMW/ fancy bike in the matter of fact anything, if he does not have feelings for the other person in distress?

Will these people do the same is someone they know or his/her parents or their wife/husband is in such situation? No they will not!! Because they care. They will panic and throw tantrums on public who come in their way. So my question is, why we act differently to some others feelings? the other person is also someone's father/mother/wife/husband/brother/sister.

I guess at least if we educated people do something, I mean take initiative to help, some will follow seeing someone. Some will follow thinking, if I do not do others may think bad of me, some may follow by the guilt arising in their heart and most of the people will be waiting for someone to take initiative.

Our mission is to help, no matter how people feel. So if there is some one to take an initiative the rest will follow. So people from next time onwards we should be the ones who will take an initiative.


Unknown said...

Hey mama its awsome ra!!!

Cinema Pichodu said...

Buddy !!!!! You are growing day by day ra....Way to GOOOOOOOO :)

Cheers Dude !!!