Friday, June 15, 2007

Freaky Weekends

If I think back on how did the weekends go from past few weeks, I have nothing but dissapointment. I mean almost nothing fell into place.

I have been missing our weekly photography expeditions and not much luck with my third eye at home either. Also, one thing which has been constantly going bad on weekends is my bike. It started with a screw, later it was the leaking Valve and today it was a small nail which had my tyre flat. Today is the third weekend in a row where I had to push my bike to the work shop.

When such things happen I think, did monsoons bring with them some dark clouds for me too? Naahh...I am a person who does not believe in luck. I just believe in smart and hard work. Also one thing that I strongly believe is "Karma" i.e., what you give is what you get.

Keeping all these things apart what I feel is, I need a break. I mean, come on!! I cannot think and talk things like an evangelist or someone who has seen most of the life and just waiting for it to end. I have more than half of my life to live and no time to waste.

What I need right now is some pump up of adrenalin into my blood. So I will be on that and think some ways to get it going over this weekend.

Happy Week End to you all!!

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