Monday, May 21, 2007

Screwed up weekend!!

This weekend was the most screwed up weekend in the recent past. A Screw(literally) screwed up my Saturday and Sunday. Read on to know what a Screw did to my life!

Friday started off with a bomb blast at Mecca Masjid in Old City and there was a bit tension prevailing in the city. I was a bit worried that my mom and my wife were out for a doctor appointment at that time. They had difficulty getting auto to reach home but finaly managed to reach home safe.

Incident 1(Friday, 18 May 2007) :Missing Mobile

Once they reached home my wife found out that her cell phone was missing. So, most probably he might have accidently slipped the phone in the auto they took to home. We dailed the number it ang for sometime and after some time we found the mobile switched off.

There it started. I reached home late that night as I was held at work due to some work. I told my wife not to worry as we can get another cell phone and by this time the auto wallah might have sold the mobile in jagdish market, had biryani, some beer and might be sleeping now.

Incident 2(Friday/Saturday 19 May 2007): Chasing the Sun

From many days I have been clicking sun sets and moon, so wanted to click sun rise for a change. So, I set the alaram at 5.30 AM and hit the bed at 12.30 Am. I tried hard but was not getting sleep. So I turned on the PC and played Need for Speed for some time. My wife woke up from the sound efects in the game.

We both watched the movie Devdas(telugu) till 4.30 AM. I thought in another 1 hour I was planning to get up to click the Sun, so I took my camera and went outside at 5 AM. I clicked the cloud patterns, morning sky for 1 hour.

5.30 AM - Clicking clouds and morning sky.

6 AM - No signs of the sun. I started clicking the birds around my home.

6.30 AM - Still no sign of the sun, but hte sky was getting lit. I say few puppied playing with its mother, got few snaps of them.

7 AM - My eyes were shutting down. But the sun, Naaahh...... he is on strike I guess.

8.00 AM - Bham, I see him right on top in the sky like midday sun. I expected to see the rising orange ball of fire as we see it during the sun set but......

So, I clicked what I can get, had my break fast and hit the bed. So much for Chasing the sun. Then I thought, Lord Hanuman himself burnt his mouth chasing the sun. Who am I, compared to him. I just burned my eyes, not sleeping.

Incident 3(Saturday 19 May 2007): Operation Flat tyre

I and my wife went to a friends reception in abids, from there when to her aunts palce. Sat there for couple of hours, had dinner and while we were returning home at night 10.30 there was a loud bursting sound and there my bikes rear tyre goes flat!!

I had to push my bike for 2 kms to get to repair shop. I felt myself lucky to find one at that time(as it was bandh, due to the blasts the day before). At the shop my bike the 4'th one. That means I have to wait till the 3 bikes who were already there get fixed. I called my wifes brother to come and pick her up as it was not safe for her to be on road at that time in the night. There was a 4 inch bolt(screw) in the trye, I cannot imagine how it dug in !!

My bikes turn came at 11.30 PM, and when it was fixed there we another 2 bikes waiting. I guess it was " Flat Tyre Day" or something.

It was 12.30 AM so, I also went to my wifes aunts place. I was feelin bad that I will be missing my Weekly Photography Expedition :-( but could't help.

One good thing that happend was my friends(Naveen and Anand) dropped in at sunday evening to my house and we went for a short drive and had fun and we were missing our dear buddy chinnu who flew for London on Friday morning.

So thats how my weekend ended and I am glad that it ended soon.

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