Thursday, May 10, 2007

Trip to Srisailam

Kids we met in the forest
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We (Pavan, Naveen, Anand, Naveens friend and me) started to Srisalam On Friday 4'th of May 2007 at 1.30 AM(yes you have read it right) in a Toyota Qualis. The reason for this was, the last 78 Kms of the trip is in dense jungle and we are allowed to pass through it from Morning 6 to Evening 6. we did not want to wait near the check post so we started at midnight so that we can reach the check post by early morning.

Just 30 minutes into the trip, my Hunger strikes back. I was feeling hungry and these guys were complaining that I always feel hungry. Thank god that the driver also was also hungry. We stopped at a so called dhaba, sweaped it up of all the resources it had (Rotis, Dal, Tomato Curry and omelets). As the saying goes in our group "Even in a small road side shop, our bill is equalent to that in a star hotel".

The sky was brightly lit with moon which I couldn’t resist clicking. We were there at the check post by 6 AM (not to mention we lost our route in between and had covered 70 kms extra).

We stopped by in the forest and found some kids gathering water. I was surprised to see that these kids were pretty decent, calm and friendly with us. I couldn’t explain the joy on their faces when I showed the pictures of them on the LCD screen of the camera. At that time I felt, I wish I could share these pictures with these kids! but unfortunately it is not possible.

We reached Srisalam by 8 AM. Took a room, in the same choultry that we took previously. Talking about our previous trip to Srisalam, it was on Bikes, yes!! 550 Kms up and down - in one day. And it was on July 9'th 2006. At that time also we started off at 1 AM after a small party. I think Vodka in my body made me drive through the night in the forest at that time..Ha ha ha.

Finished our darshan by 10.30 Am and we feasted on prasadam. So we went back to our room rested for an hour and then visited Patal Ganga, Went for a rope way and a boat ride.

Then we pounced on the very first dhaba we found and sweaped it up (literally). Dhaba walla had to say that he is out of food.

On our way back we stopped at Dindi dam which was pretty good and we were back in Hyderabad by 10 PM. Everyone was damn tired and, there was no energy in us say good bye to each other.

We all wondered, how we made it on bikes last time!! Only God knows!!!!

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munnu said...

Good pics Bharani, keep it up!!!

raj said...

nice photos, thanks for sharing ur experiencies. keep it up.