Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Project Golkonda

Chill guys, it’s not a movie name or some kind of project to protect the ancient fort. Its about our photographic expedition to the 800-year-old ruins.

I have visited this fort many times from my child hood and every time its new kind of vision I am seeing it with. I never got bored admiring the architecture and clicking our way to the top (in spite of the 41 degree scorching sun).

Before we started to the top, our team(Sajjad, Vivek, Veeru, Sai, saif and me) decided that we will not take the conventional way of steps to reach the top. So we walked our way across the rocks, tunnels, trees, walls to the very top.

We had lot of fun climbing the rocks, crossing the ledges and jumping the walls. We all were completely drenched in sweat after reaching the top and I had to drink couple of bottles of juices and water to compensate for the fluid loss :-).

Totally it was a wonderful experience but one thing which irritated me a lot is people putting their graffiti on the walls. This is rich heritage that one should protect as once its gone it cannot be brought back. I guess government should educate people and also arrange for more security to protect the monuments. So let us do our part to protect these monuments, lets not litter the place with plastic and use trash bins always.

Below are the few clicks I got at the Golkonda Fort:

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