Monday, December 3, 2007

Another rocking weekend!!

After many weeks, I had a rocking weekend and there are three reasons. One: After 6 weeks I am in Hyderabad 'only' on a weekend, Two: I joined my friends back on our weekly trekking and photography expedition after a break of 2 months, Three: I have completed PC game 'Microsoft Halo 2'.

After playing Halo 2 till 3.30 AM, I woke up on Sunday 6.00 AM when one of my friend called me to remind me of our expedition. After gearing up, we(Vivek, Sajjad, Afra & Saif) started on a hunt for a good elevated ground with rocks. We drove around Gachibowli and Nanakram guda for around 45 minutes and were surprised to see that most of the mountains which we treked earlier were just a pile of crushed stones now. All this due to the courtesy of Lanco Hills and Outer Ring Road.
We parked our vehicles near the Outer Ring Road, which was under construction after Nanakram guda and started walking in reach of mountains.
A big rock being bored to plug in dynamites

From the Outer Ring road(Under Construction) after a walk of 2 Kms or so we saw a pretty tempting rock formation and we decided to conquer that. The red arrow in the below picture is where we reached 90 minutes later.

Target visible
Birds feasting lazily in the fields on the way to the mountain
I guess I scared them

A closer look from the base
Peacock and Peahen

I have to say that this rock was a mini wild life reserve. Just after 10 or 15 minutes into the trek, we saw around 15 to 20 Peacocks and Peahens flying into deeper zones after they sensed trespassers(us). Apart from these, we saw numerous Rock Lizards, Rabbits, Owls, colourful insects. I wished I had more time to sit patiently so that the birds come back to their ease. One sad part is one day or the other, this Rock will also be blown off in the name of industrialization or sucks!!

After an hour of treacherous and difficult trek which left me with bruises on hands/legs and a cut on the palm we were on top on the felt like we were on top of the world.

A view from the top

Distant view QutubShahi Tombs from top of the mountain
Distant view Golkonda Fort from top of the mountain
Me Jumpin.........
Sajjad and me Sky diving.............just kiddin......we were jumping off the rock

The blow shot, I got it on our way back through the fields. This is my best and favourite shot of the expedition. I think I will have to keep a day to just shoot these birds. they were awesome, with the little time I had, I clicked what all I could. :-)

Lets Synch..........

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Oh you did get a shot of the peacock!! Wow!