Thursday, December 6, 2007

You there?

I am asking this question to you...GOD....where are you?

I know you are there, 'cause if you are not there every one would have been equal in all ways and there wouldn't be all these differences that we are seeing in class Homosepian.

Strange, you are! You do not give 'everything' to any person. You deprive them of at least one thing.

You give Wealth, deprive us of Health

You give Dreams, deprive us of Wealth

You give Children, deprive us from fulfilling their Dreams

You give happiness, deprive us of Children

You give life, deprive us of Happiness

You give Love, deprive them of Life.

No matter how much positive we are, put in hard/smart work and try to find happiness in what ever we do there is one factor controlled by an infinite energy which is beyond the reach of mankind, which most of us call as GOD.

...and sometimes he/she is harsh.............


Anonymous said...

ippudu neeku eam takkuvaindi nanna? ;)

Anonymous said...

Mama.....what mama...not updating the blog.....