Friday, December 28, 2007

What a way to end the day!!

Actually this post was supposed to be published 3 weeks back.....

Being at work till 12 in the night was a bit tiresome, lack of sleep and the trek the day before added to the strain.

I started home around 12 in the night and was instantly rejuvenated by the sight of empty roads and the feel of cool breeze running over my skin. Wow......what relief , after getting used to the packed up roads, driving on empty roads smoothly without the usage of gear and clutch felt great. I reached home in 22 minutes, which at normal times takes a minimum of 75 minutes.

After having a hot water bath, decided to watch a good movie from the dump of 160 GB of movies I have. This time for a change, I wanted to watch a Hindi movie and somehow I decided to watch Johnny Gaddar.

Right from the first frame, the movie registered in my mind that it is something different. The movie was so gripping that I hesitated to even go the the loo pausing it. What I liked the most about the movie is, We get to know: who is the bad man, what did he do and how did he do but still the suspense is carried throughout the movie.

Hands full of work, Cool ride on the bike, Hot water bath and a great movie, that's what I call a great day!!!

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