Monday, December 17, 2007

Project Zoological Park

King of the Jungle, For the complete set, check out Picasa and Flickr

I have visited the Zoo many times from my childhood and every time it seemed more and more interesting, in spite that it did not change a bit from past 20 years. Same sloppy maintenance of the place, the animals and not to forget, the visitors who feed and tease the animals in spite of hundred boards asking them, not to feed and tease animals.

This time was a bit special as I was accompanied by my third eye and our great gang(Vivek, Danny, Ashok, Shyam, Sai, Veeru, Vijay). One speciality of our group is, its a mix of people who want to take photographs and guys who what to hang out with others and basically the mantra was to have fun!!

Being a Sunday, there were lots of Families with kids and couple of schools bringing kids to the Zoo trip(Hugh, thank God I remember my school taking me to the Zoo on working days).

We clicked our way through the roads, talking, sharing knowledge about the animals and frowning regularly at the people feeding/teasing animals. I cant believe that most of the times its the grown ups who are feeding/teasing animals and what to say about the kids, they obviously follow.

We went to the so called Lion, Tiger and Bear safari where animals are supposed to be roaming free and we will me taken in an secured mini bus. To my surprise, even in there the lions were caged, did not see even one lion roaming freely. In Tiger safari, we have seen 2 tigers free and rest were caged and in bear safari could see only one bear.

But, overall the trip was awesome. It was like, even a day more at the zoo would not justify to see each and every animal at leisure(I guess Danny would kill me at this thought).

Below are the few snaps that I got from the trip to the Zoo. For the complete set, check out Picasa and Flickr

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My Personal Fav: Croc basking in the Sun

Indian Rock Python

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Hi Bharani,
I never thought you had interests in nature. And nice pics and blogs.