Thursday, July 12, 2007

Insurance calls!!...assurance or assault?

I am sure everyone of us might have received calls from telemarketers trying to sell insurance at some point or the other. Like everyone else, I am not spared either. I have been getting these insurance calls for long time, but the one I received last weekend was an ultimate(baap) of all insurance calls which I got till now.

After many weeks, last weekend I got time to sit with my friends and was having a good time chatting and relaxing. It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon and things were going on slow and relaxed. What else can one expect on a gloomy Sunday? At that point my phone rang.....and the story starts...........

Telemarketer(TM): Hello, I am calling from XYZ bank and are introducing a new insurance scheme especially for you.

Me: Thank you, but I have enough insurances to keep me covered and I am not interested in any more.

TM: Sir, this is not for everyone, its only introduced for certain privileged customers like you.

Me: But I have enough to keep me covered.

TM: The things we offer is not there in any other insurance policies and we are the first to introduce such things.

Me: See boss, I have 3 LIC policies which cover me in case of my death and an accident/Medical policy which will cover for my medical bills and etc. in case of any hospitalization.

TM: Sir, the Accident and Medical policy which you have will not cover you in case of death in an accident.

(Here, I should appreciate the fact that the telemarketer was very professional and was saying "I am sorry" before he says "In case of death". I understood that he is doing this duty.)

Me: No, It covers me in case of death in an accident.

TM: Sir, we also cover you in case of natural death.

(At this point he realized that he forgot to ask me something)

TM: Sir, can I know your age?

Me: 27 years(Almost laughing). Come on man, This is not it, I told you that I have my LIC's that will take care of it.

(He thought for few seconds and came up with his ultimate weapon that he thought might work)

TM: All the policies that you will cover you if a death occurs naturally or by accident....but...

(I was just imagining what offer he might give me as there was no card left unturned)

TM: but....we cover you also in case of a Suicide.

That was it, I could not stop laughing and had no words to say. I laughed so hard that I could not utter a word and even not for laughing my mind was out of words.

I couldn't do anything else but hanging up the phone.

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