Tuesday, July 3, 2007

No power.......No mood....No post

Yesterday morning the Electrical Transformer of my office building broke and from that time the power was from a generator. Yesterday while I was leaving home there was no lights in the corridors, Stairs were dark without lights and the lifts were also not working. One thing I was glad that at least the A/C was working.

Today when I came to work, I realized that the A/C was not working. When I checked on it with security, I found that the Transformer was not fixed yet and they cannot run A/C any longer on Generator as they had brought in additional mobile generator to support the load on standard generator.

It's evening and still the Transformer is in the process of getting fixed and all of us at work are sweating inside as there aren't any windows that can be opened. It's very uneasy so sit in the middle of all the computers and servers which generate lot of heat. Adding to that, today only the sun is bright and strong.

So it was a dull, sweaty day at work today. I hope this power thing is fixed by tomorrow.

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