Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The day my city surprised me!!

Usually when it rains, its only when you are about to start to work from home or about to leave work to home. Yesterday I was in the same situation . It stared to rain around 6 PM yesterday, just when I was about to leave work.

I was waiting for the rain to stop chatting with my colleagues and frequently looking through the glass walls to see if the rain god has taken some rest or not. It was 8 PM and when I came to know that there was a Prime Minister's visit to Hyderabad(My office is right opposite to Hyderabad airport) in the evening, I thought that today I will be cooked in the traffic. Because rain enough is a huge traffic stopper and adding fuel to the fire is the VIP visit.

I already mentioned sometime back, how driving can be on Hyderabad Roads when it rains and how the Hyderabad Traffic will be.

Around 8.30 PM the rain God was tired of raining and called it a day. I started of on my bike mentally prepared for a one and a half hour of journey to my home which is at 17 Kms from work. Right opposite to my thoughts, there was no water clogged anywhere on the road(small pools of water hear and there is an exception), the traffic was flowing, I mean regular traffic.

I myself feel that I have a very good judgment about traffic as I am observing the traffic in Hyderabad right from my childhood and most of the times I am right in predicting the traffic in different areas and at different times.

This time my city out ran my predictions and I think that's what Hyderabad is all about!! HyderaBAD.

But, however our city is like, what ever people say and feel about it, its the best! and we all Love it.

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