Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What's gone is 60 seconds?

Whenever I ask this question, I get the answer "Nothing" from most of the people. And you and I know that there isn't much we can lose in 60 seconds. Unless we are some Bill Gates or Steve Jobs kind of people. I am talking here about an average man/women in general and I agree that there are always exceptions.

I know you might be thinking where I am leading. Any guesses? hmmmm.........what else than my favorite topic " Hyderabad-Traffic-people" :-).

When ever I am on road the most common sight I get to see is, people jumping traffic signals. What I do not understand is, what is there so important for them to attend, that they cannot wait for 30 or 45 seconds? What they don't understand is they are putting their and some one else's life in danger by doing so.

Some people wait at the signal but they dash off before the light turns green. Can't we wait for 2 or 3 seconds for the light to go from red to orange and to green?

So, all said and done if you are a person who does not jump signals and keep your cool until the light turns to green, there will be some idiot at your back who keeps on honking expecting you to go ahead and jump the signal. Guys please don't let this honking heat you up and make you jump the signal. How much ever noise this idiot makes, stand your ground and do not move until the light turns to green. If need just point him to the red light ahead. Believe me this works!! 'cause I do the same always.

Guys, we all know that life and time are the only things once gone cannot be brought back. So when ever you are in a hurry and feel like rushing in the traffic, ask yourself one question, "What's gone is 60 seconds?". That will take care of all.

One thing that I always follow is, if you have an important appointment and have to make it on time at any cost. Why rush? just start a bit early so that you can reach at your destination on time.

So, when even you are in a hurry and rushing through the traffic ask your self, "What's gone is 60 seconds?". Whenever you see such people or know such people just tell them the same, tell them to ask for themselves one question "What's gone is 60 seconds?".


Unknown said...

Good concept mama!!!

Naveenkanth JR said...

Its good to see these thoughts from a guy who used to zoom around the city on his bike at 80kmph speed. Is it the marriage that brought this change? Just kidding..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when the guy behind me honks, I just ask "mundukellala?" or "Etu vellali meeru?"

Works more times than you think!

Bharani Surineni said...

I still zoom around in Hyderabad at 80 + speed but I never break traffic rules!! :-)